Das revolutionäre 3-Zylinder-Projekt von MV Agusta hat einen neuen Höhepunkt an technischer Entwicklung und Leistung erreicht. Und das mit der Brutale 800 RR, die den Weg vollendet, auf den sich bereits eine andere Brutale, die 675, begeben hat, das erste Modell einer Serie, die zu einer breiten Palette von Bikes der Kategorie Naked, Supersport, Touring und Crossover werden sollte.

The revolution, by MV Agusta, has a new name: Brutale 800 RR. Adrenaline and pure style. A sublime riding experience that has enchanted riders in search of that something more, beyond extreme acceleration. After conquering unanimous positive feedback and being voted the most beautiful bike of the year ( for EICMA 2016 (Milan, Rho Pero, 8 to 13 November) the most beautiful naked of all time returns to be the most powerful, and the most technological, whilst boasting the lowest emissions within it’s category. Thanks to the“RR“ equipment, the quality of the Euro IV updates and implemented electronics the experience of the MV Agusta Brutale RR is even more intense, immediate, fluid and adrenaline inducing: 140 hp from launch, a full torque curve, complimented with the best suspension and control package. So, MV Agusta strengthens its technological leadership in the year Euro IV regulations are introduced, reinterpreting the same performance led strategy that make it an icon in motorcycling: the ‘bad’ Schiranna naked, benefits from a thrilling riding experience accompanied with an exceptional level of refinement: less vibration, noise reductions of 50{796139d9e5e1ee4d0f6159688a3be44eed3b901f3ea94e30757d43d117e32b7a} compared to the previous model, lower emissions, more power, and less demanding set-up. A dream constructed around acceleration and design.

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